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Specialists in shipping pets

Home Boarding Shipping Pets is a company that offers professional services for shipping pets . Our staff is made up of qualified expertsdog breeders and true animal lovers.

We felt the need to create Home Boarding Shipping Pets because we were the first to face the same problems in the logistics and transport of our dogs and cats. In this way we have acquired all the experience necessary to solve the problems related to shipping pets.

Home Boarding Shipping Pets uses professional equipment, such as microchip scanners and electronic balances in order to guarantee maximum accuracy and tracking.


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Are you about to move abroad and want to bring your pet with you?

How it works


Our experience at your service

Home Boarding Shipping Pets is based in Aviano, in the province of Pordenone. Our mission is to provide a tailor-made service for shipping pets, with the utmost respect for international safety standards: in this way we want to be the best guarantee to ship your dog, your cat, your pet from Italy to abroad and from abroad to Italy.

We are aware of the strong bond that is established between the owner and the pet: we offer a service strongly oriented to the needs of the animals through our passionlove and respect we have for them, combined with seriousnesscompetence and professionalism.

We work mainly with all the American bases located in ItalyAirforce Army and Navy.

Our company


Shipping pets, our inseparable friends dogs and cats, is our specialty. Our company operates throughout Italy with suitable and adequately prepared means for the protagonists of our service: pets.

Home Boarding Shipping Pets is able to make reservations for national and international flights in from the main airports.

Shipping Pets

We will be at your disposal for the transfer of your pets: a simple move, a grooming, a visit to the vet or a trip to or from Italy.

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Standard pet carriers

When shipping a pet, it is necessary to have a carrier that acts as a container for your puppy. Find out the one that best suits your needs.

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Special pet carriers

The pet carrier must have special precautions when transporting animals considered “at risk”. We build certified bespoke cages.

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