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About us


The Company

The Home Boarding Shipping Pets company was born from the idea of Marco Colombo and Elisabetta Carlon, husband and wife, who have always shared a passion for animals and are professional bull terrier breeders, as well as dog trainers with different specializations.

Initially it was precisely the difficulties in shipping dogs for the various international competitions that gave rise to the need to create a company that would propose concrete solutions, the result of experience and operations gained day by day, shipment by shipment.

Thus was born in AvianoPordenone, the Home Boarding Shipping Petsthe reference point for the whole of Italy in the shipping petsProtection and safety have always been the keywords of the company which over the years has been able to stand out for its competence and knowledge in the national and international shipping of our 4-legged friends.

Our services

Mutual trust and respect

To carry out a shipping of your pet it is necessary to rely on a professional.

specific pet carrier is provided for each species. Each animal is accompanied to the airport, embarked with its pet carrier, with water, provisions available and enjoying comfortable temperatures. At each possible stop the animals are made to stretch in dedicated, clean and fed rooms.

The transfer takes place on cargo flights, to ensure a comfortable and continuously tracked journey.

The effort, apprehension and travel arrangements for our pets are amply rewarded by the gratitude and joy that the owners show in being able to hug their furry friends again.

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