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Shipping dogs


Shipping dogs?

Are you looking for information on “Shipping dogs”? First of all, it is necessary and indeed mandatory to follow precise and rightly very strict procedures to protect animals.

For these reasons it is advisable to rely on a company of professional pet transport that is able to:

  • rely on international airlines to book flights when needed
  • manage all the bureaucratic aspects of the trip
  • provide approved pet carriers of the necessary and mandatory size for animals
  • build special custom-made carriers for each animal, if necessary
  • collect all useful information from the pet owner to ensure a safe journey
  • ensure, as per regulations, an optimal, safe and stress-free journey for the animals
  • collect and return the animals to the home of its owner

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National and international pet transport

Furthermore, all these operations about “Shipping dogs” must be performed by highly qualified operators: sensitivity towards animals, the experience acquired over the years, passion and love are all factors to be evaluated very carefully.

We at Home Boarding Shipping Pets have always shared a passion for animals and we are professional breeders of Bull terriers, as well as dog trainers with different specializations. Our company has become the reference point for all Italy in the shipment of pets. This is why we know how to make your pets travel and advise you on “Shipping dogs“.

Protection and safety have always been the company keywords. For this reason, Home Boarding Shipping Pets also constantly collaborates with the American bases located in Italy for the transport of animals by air between Italy and the USA.

So, if you were wondering where to find information about “Shipping dogs“, now you know that you can rely on the professionals of Home Boarding Shipping Pets.

We know very well all the dynamics of domestic and international pet transport. Home Boarding Shipping Petswe know how to take care of your pets.

Do you want to know more information about “Shipping dogs“? See here the overview of our services and how the shipping of pets in Italy and abroad works.

Visit our Gallery to get to know us better and request a free quote now.

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